What, in your opinion, is the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a vacuum cleaner robot? If we want to simplify the answer to the maximum, we can say that it is the “intelligence” of the second. The ability to answer and adapt to external stimuli and to give an answer.

Artificial intelligence or IA is a discipline of computer science that studies the techniques behind the design of hardware and software systems capable of delivering electronic performance performers that seem to be of exclusive relevance to human intelligence such as the ability to think rationally and logically solve a problem. At the base of the AI ​​there is a complex mathematical /informatics  model composed of artificial “neurons” that takes the name of artificial neural network.

Examples of such technology are Facebook with Jarvis, Apple Siri, Ibm with Watson, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon  Alexa; But AI is also used in other products such as:

  • Google Cars, Google-designed cars that are able to drive alone and that we could find on our roads in a few years
  • Amazon prime air, which promises the creation of automated drones for parcel delivery
  • Anti-spam filters of our email boxes exploit IA algorithms
  • Videogames, which aim to simulate human-like behavior, thus giving the impression that characters are genuinely endowed with intelligence
  • machine learning, that is, science that develops algorithms capable of observing and learning (google translate, uber, etc.)

In essence, when talking about artificial intelligence, one must not think of a far-fetched future that has impressed us through science-fiction films but rather to a technology that is slowly integrating into our lives by simplifying them

III D Itis Leonardo da Vinci di Napoli

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